Can there be a happy ending to this drama?

Colorado, 1946, seventeen year old Banker’s Daughter Gloria is raped by the senior deputy sheriff. Outraged that prosecutor and judge collude with the deputy and her father to pin the assault on her eighteen year old fiancé, Gloria demands justice. At summer’s end, she leaves for college at Bryn Mawr, PA. The deputy’s marriage is ruined and he is missing. Is Gloria to blame?

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About the Author

Matt Ryan had an early entry into politics when his politically active mother enlisted him in her 1948 campaign for Juvenile Judge. He spent his summers until he went to the Naval Academy, vacationing in small Colorado mountain counties, where elected officials foibles and corruption were hard to hide. Beyond his prep school walls lie Ocean County, New Jersey where one party governance under the Mathis machine held sway from the year 1900 until well after he graduated.

Between the two places, he saw enough questionable officeholders to fill a courthouse.

After a career as a line officer, he retired from the Navy and settled in Washington state where he became involved in local politics. He was elected County Commissioner and served 1993-1996. It wasn’t until 2011 after he sold his insurance practice that he devoted full attention to the writing arts.

Matt, a Colorado native, is married to his wife of fifty-one years, Patricia. They have four sons, and three grandchildren. He is the author of The Revenge of the Banker’s Daughter and She Confessed, Didn’t She?


The Revenge of the Banker’s Daughter is a must read for those who’d love a cuttingly evocative novel that pierces like cold steel its milieu of political corruption in smoldering small town America with characters whose voices bite with love and revenge on the one hand... and greed and prejudices on the other.”

R. V. Schumacher, Ph.D.

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